Urban Gym’s founder, John Yousif began Boxing, it soon became apparent to him that this wasn’t just a form of exercise that would make him strong physically, but a tool that would make him strong mentally too.

From that point on, John has been determined to show people that Boxing isn’t purely for fighting or competing in the ring; but is something that allows you to fight the biggest fight of all, life. 

Urban Gym prides itself on creating a comfortable environment for all who attend and their trainers are a reflection of what their Gym stands for. 

We want our members to leave feeling confident within the skills they have learnt, as well as feeling like they have a fresh outlook on various challenges they face day to day. 




Joceye - beaconsfield

"Would never have dropped 30kg without the help and support of Urban Gym, not just by the staff but the members aswell.. I have tried other gyms and only ever lasted 3 month.. But 1 year on, l cant image my life now without it."


peter - dromana

"Been going for a little over 12 months, in the best shape of my life at the moment. They really care about you reaching your goals and work hard with you to get there. I've been to plenty of gyms before but nothing like this one! There is something here for everyone!!!."


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