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Learn More About Each Class

High intensity full body functional circuit training. In this class, you will use tyres, ropes, kettlebells and olympic rings.

Our unique high impact 45 minute boxing fitness training based on real boxing with no contact/combat. Shadow boxing, partnered pad work, bag work and bodyweight drills.

Our flagship group workout combining boxing and strength training in one.

Combining Barbell compound strength training  and functional conditioning. Focus here is more on getting stronger.

Fun and engaging boxing and fitness classes for kids age 6 – 16. Self defence, fitness or competitive boxing it’s all catered for.

Body weight suspension training (UrbanPLUS+ membership only)

Full body kettlebell workout (UrbanPLUS+ membership only)

Master your Boxing skills and fitness with this small group coaching session.

Fight specific training for those who wish to develop their boxing skills in competitive boxing. Includes sparring and combat training.


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