What are you waiting for?



Author: Rebecca Verduci


You’re old enough and ugly enough to know that the sun will rise each day and set each night.

There are some hours in between which we call day and some hours where it’s dark and you sleep. We know that every year we have a birthday and get one year older. We know that after 30, comes 31, then 32, then 33, then 50, then 60, then ….

So what are you waiting for?

You will never have enough time and yes, that course you want to take as a mature aged student will take you 4 years to complete. It takes everyone 4 years to complete, but the point is, some will wake up with regrets and others will bathe in their accomplishments and boast of their wisdom and knowledge. They may even make this world a little bit better when imparting their newly found knowledge.

The time will pass regardless,

you will get older regardless, you will have debt regardless and your dreams will be there regardless. Why not pursue those dreams regardless? Allow yourself to live without regret and take action while the clock keeps ticking.

Time waits for no man and will not wait until you’re ready. The time is NOW! TAKE that course, BOOK that holiday, FIGHT in the ring or LEARN to surf. Because as sure as the sun rises and sets, time will pass and your regrets will become many and your goals and dreams a distant memory and a whole heap of “What if’s”


Change something today!

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