Are you buying SHIT you don’t need?


Author: Rebecca Verduci


When we look out and see a negative world, we are seeing a direct reflection of ourselves.

Those that see the positives like the warm sun or extra time to read when the bus is late are reflecting their inner love. It’s hard to be in love with yourself when there are so many critics in this big wide world. Your parents may not realise it but it almost certainly started with them and their attempts to try to make you conform to society and improve. Their constant “reminders” of what you’re not doing in your life, somehow led subconsciously to an individual who second guesses themselves or sees their imperfections rather than their strengths. Combine this with teachers, an overly critical granny (Why don’t you wear a dress, trousers are so unflattering), and not to mention peers who need you to be just like them.  If you’re one of the positive ones who doesn’t accept defeat, WELL DONE! Take this rainbow and ride it all the way to old age. Enjoy your life.

For those of you that at times experience self-hate, why do you? It’s not hard to see that in the world of consumerism, it’s easier to sell when you’re in NEED of something. But what if you don’t NEED anything? Well, this is when some meticulously placed, seemingly perfect celebrities appear to tell you otherwise. Your bum could really do with some implants, your nose is a little too big, auburn hair is what’s needed and your kids really NEED those NIKES. Ha, Bullshit!

Save your money because all your insecurities are doing are creating a tonne of CASH for those BIG, celebrity endorsed Companies.

Practice balance and learn to love yourself. Find your strengths and identify with them and accept them based only on your life experiences and challenges you’ve overcome. Continue to grow in love and set some goals that will enrich your positive self-image. Go to the gym, join a walking group, and learn to cook some healthy meals, spend time with loved ones, read, practice yoga and get back to nature. LOVE yourself! When faced with self-hate or hate from another individual, consider what this individual is masking internally. Send them love and then send them on their way. Their problems or insecurities are NOT yours, because you LOVE yourself, and everything about YOU. If it’s you that has a problem with yourself when you look into the mirror, ask yourself, “When I’m old and grey and perhaps a little immobile with screaming joints, will I care?” If the answer is, NO, then move on and LOVE who you are TODAY!

Benefits of loving yourself are that your happy demeanour attracts happy, bright and loving people around you. The victims or nay-sayers of this world will not want to hear a bar of your positivity. LATERZ! You will live your life the happiest version of yourself when you’re in love with yourself. You will radiate joy so much that you will become healthier and want to get out there in the warm sun, you’ll want to mix with people and learn from people, so you will grow wise, healthy and successful. Your loved self will wake up every day seeing the colours of the flowers, enjoying the song of a magpie, appreciate the sprinkling of the rain shower and understand how a flat tyre too can bring new opportunities.

Don’t be sold that you are NOT ENOUGH.

Everything about you is perfect, you are the original, not a COPY of someone else. You are worth more than any copy of another.

Your experiences, strengths and insights are ENOUGH and through SELF LOVE you can be all that you are destined to be. Wake up at the end of the road in a rainbow of warmth rather than a SHITTY MUDDY PUDDLE. Enjoy every day, and start today. LOOK in the mirror and tell yourself each morning what you love about yourself or what is unique about yourself. It all starts with YOU.

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