New Year’s Resolutions. Do they matter?



Author: Rebecca Verduci


I am now at a point in my life where New Year’s Resolutions mean very little. They once served as a beginning to a goal and I awaited the count down before even considering making the commitment.

Now, they bring negative emotions and a feeling of dread.

Why do people make them? It all started in the realm of SALES! Anyone willing to make a buck off you stands to succeed when a deadline is looming. They draw on your weaknesses, add a bit of emotion and close the deal off with a promise of a celebration; A New Year’s Celebration. New Years is a point in time where we’re all happy and usually with family and friends rejoicing and drinking, ready to take on the world and everything it has to throw at us. It is NEW Year’s so we’re ready to try anything NEW. That is how we are SOLD! Don’t be a party pooper, start something NEW in the NEW Year! Sold, and money in the bank.

Come February 1st and most of the resolutions have subsided and the excitement wanes as reality kicks in.

Feelings of hopelessness, vulnerability, weakness, failure and even incompetence follow on from the once exciting idea of a resolution.

But it’s too late now, we made the commitment and it has proven a failure, and therefore, I too am a failure…

Fast forward through life, years of experiences, hard times and good, love and hatred, births and deaths and what do we come to accept… Goals, dreams and ideas can happen at any point in the year. All we need for a “Resolution” to work is to understand that in fact we are making a commitment to a LIFE change, and creating new habits, not something just for one period of time. Small steps are accepted with wisdom rather than a leap to the end goal.

We learn to enjoy the journey rather than just the destination and make a life commitment to change.

We LIVE life rather than trying to race through it. We no longer become dissatisfied by our choices but rather feel accomplished and enriched through our newfound habits. We have created life balance and are not sheep following a shepherd promising greener pastures if a New Year’s resolution is made.


Make the switch, enjoy new habits, and STOP the New Year’s resolutions!

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