Stop being controlled and choose LIFE



Author: Rebecca Verduci

As adults, we rarely find ourselves in the opportunity to try anything new. Our lives are overwhelmed by the routine, mundane, chores and expectations. Family life has taken over and more often than not, our lives become about other’s wants and needs rather than our own. Often we find ourselves in a situation where we’re not even sure we know what we want. Have you ever been asked the question; “If you weren’t in your current role, what would be your dream job?” No? Well ask yourself now! I bet you struggle to even come up with an answer.

Over time we have allowed our passions to dwindle and been guided by monetary drivers.

How lovely if we did something we absolutely loved with all our hearts and were paid to do it! Isn’t this something we encourage our kids to find on a daily basis? So why not for ourselves?

I challenge you to the depths of solitude. Give yourself 10 minutes of complete and utter silence to ponder the question of where your passion lies. It may not happen in one sitting, but rather a week of reflection and quiet. Ask your heart and stomach what places the butterflies and warms the heart?

Now let your heart fly with all the endless possibilities of what could be.

Don’t allow your head to rule the heart, just remind yourself that it’s time for the heart to have fun. Allow yourself that 10 minutes guilt free and see where it dares to melt.

How did that feel? Guaranteed you felt all giddy and like a child again. Now in the realm of reality there may be plenty of adulting responsibilities that won’t allow the full dream, but what about if we could adjust the dream to give you a little of the joy you felt. Instead of flying to the moon, why don’t we start by making time to visit science works. Instead of becoming the palaeontologist you warmed to, why not visit the museum and start there. Allow yourself to wonder and see what opportunities may arise.

Give yourself the permission to give it a go.

We are so often pulled in directions that just happen, rather than choose the direction of our lives. We often need to deal with the responsibilities that comes with being an adult and unfortunately this comes at the cost of our dreams. I’m allowing you a possibility to change your direction and give it a go. Take a step, even a small one to follow your ultimate purpose. All it takes is a little courage, some quiet reflection and sometimes the permission from another adult, doing her adulting on another side of the screen.

You are worth your dreams and you are free to make the choice to extend on that dream.

Take the first step and give it a go. Something huge to one may be a small pebble when broken into a plan of small steps. It’s your life, live it and give it a go!

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