We are one, but we are many…..



Author: Rebecca Verduci

Negativity surrounds us. We see it on our roads, in the playgrounds, in shopping centres, at our workplaces and even in our homes and especially on the news. Negativity reveals itself through mean actions, depression, unhappiness, boredom, roughness, violence and bullying. But where does it stem from? Have you heard the saying “Negativity can only feed on negativity”. Basically it has a ripple effect, as does any other emotion. If we’re surrounded by fear and negativity and that’s all we see, we are prone to mirroring those traits.

When we see weaknesses in others and our frustrations emerge, aren’t we only drawing on our own life experiences? “Where attention goes, energy flows”. Perhaps someone is reflecting or mirroring a direct dislike we see in ourselves, or given our own experiences, that apparent weakness has come from an unpleasant memory. When we find offence to something or take something personally aren’t we placing ourselves “above” another individual’s values and belief system. If instead we view an opinion subjectively, we note perhaps how they were raised, or what life experiences they’ve had.

Other’s opinions in no way should effect what is best for your own life.

In-grained belief systems are just that, something that has been drilled most-likely since childhood and difficult to shake. Given a person’s experiences and life path, you may have exactly the same opinion. Instead listen and learn from another’s view, no matter how passionate it may be, and thank the individual for offering an alternative perspective to reflect on.

Learn and grow together rather than create hatred and violence.

I’m not suggesting we allow murderer’s to walk our streets because inflicting hatred or pain on another will never be ok, but offering an opinion or providing alternative information can only serve to grow.

Intentions are well felt when offering different perspectives. It is worth noting that with this change in culture, we may also need to align our intentions to that of the greater good and towards positive growth. When an action stems from selfish means, it will never be received in a positive light. If ego is all that is served, growth will also come to an immediate halt. When entering an argument always enter with the intention of enlightenment for each party and the interaction will serve to benefit both.

This method of communication can serve our children as well. Given, there are more challenges when faced with strong hormonal changes in a child, but a strong message of compassion, understanding and love on delivery will always be present in their subconscious. Children learn through action of those more mature around them. They will mimic behaviour of “responsible” adults around them.

Choose your actions and words wisely and always approach a conversation with the intention to teach AND learn, with the outcome being progression and growth.

With a wildly diverse country, our children are already far more accepting in this generation than they have been in past generations but it is our responsibility to not inflict any negative beliefs on their immediate environment. The patterns of our children are headed towards a more balanced and accepting society. Let’s not inhibit their growth but encourage their pure, accepting intentions.

Basically, encourage an existence of pure intentions, positivity and being kind.

Allow your actions and emotions to reflect growth in our wider community.

Choose to be accepting and understanding of other’s opinions and understand that they are in no way a reflection of what other’s see in you but instead derived from experiences and teachings prior to your encounter. Minimise ego and stop taking everything personally. You are your own person, walking your own journey and will CERTAINLY have different views to your neighbour.

Be kind to your neighbour and allow growth into yours and your family’s lives.


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