I am BETTER than you!!!!!!!

Hello Oneness,

This week has been spent in and out of hospital visiting an ill relative. It’s a bit traumatic going through the experiences of emergency, intensive care and then finally when well enough, through to a standard ward. A roller coaster ride of emotions floods you from fear, sadness, grief and general confusion, then on to, happy, elated and relieved. Experiencing all those emotions and being so vulnerable and in complete trust of doctors and nurses makes you realise how small we all are. Your health is dependent on your mental strength to a degree, but primarily to the care and knowledge of those educated doctors around you. It makes you realise that all the successes you’ve amounted throughout your life will mean nothing when faced with a defibrillator. There were some bubbly and positive nurses and then there were some who lost interest very quickly. There were some intimidated, newer doctors and those who found it difficult to enter a room with the sheer size of their ego. So what is the point of this blog, I hear you ask? Well it brings us back to the insignificance of us as an individual or rather, how, when lying on a stretcher in a vulnerable state, sitting in a corridor of an emergency room, when you’ve just come out of an ambulance; how, we’re all just the same.

You may have started your ambulance trip in a homeless shelter, or you may have been hard at work behind your desk, you may have come from a nursing home, in your car after dropping your kids to school or even just landed your helicopter at your helipad on your $7m estate (well maybe you have a doctor on call in this situation) and felt a twang down your left arm. We are all vulnerable and our socio-economic or celebrity status will not change that.

Whatever you believe religiously, culturally or spiritually we have all come from the same place and will all be going to the same place(es) dependent on what you believe.

Just because you believe in one religion and I another, does not mean that my God put me on earth one way, and yours another, or you evolved and I didn’t. Whatever you believe, we were placed here the same way and we will leave here the same way. The only part which we can control is the in between part; the LIFE part! If fame and money can’t be taken with us and only our reputation and love we shared remains, then don’t you want to be happy and loved MOST of the time?

Yes, go for your goals and shoot for the stars and make the most of your time here but do it with LOVE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION and GENEROSITY.

I believe that we are all ONE because we have all come from the same place and will all be going to the same place. I could have been born anywhere else, with any other opportunities, any other parents and any other life experiences but I was born, here! I am very lucky for my lot in life and there are many others less fortunate. It took me a while to realise that my place of privilege was a roll of the dice. It took birthing my own children to realise that I was dealt an awesome hand. I grew up never struggling for food, having an awesome education and from a loving home. I AM VERY LUCKY! There are many that didn’t choose their circumstances or their confidence.

Because of my experiences, I am a confident, courageous woman that can provide for my family if need be, and am educated enough to understand what are better choices in life.

Not all people have been dealt the same cards, and not all are as fortunate as me, so now I have compassion. I didn’t always have it because from a place of privilege, I thought, “you made your bed, now sleep in it”.

Knowing that I could be you, and you could be me, allows me to treat my neighbour equally. I now listen to a stranger sitting next to me on a park bench, or make eye contact with a homeless person begging on the street, or start a conversation in an elevator, ignore the rude shop assistant, be grateful my coffee was served warm, or shake the hand of the doctor that has just saved my dad’s life.

Because we have all come from the same place, we are all going to the same place, and the humanity and love we share in the middle is what counts.

What do you want to be remembered for?

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