Lessons from 2019 and Why I’m Excited for 2020 | Urban Gym Hallam

2019 was a year of transitioning, testing and growth. Not as a business or a brand, but rather for me as a person. The mirror was turned to face me.

There was a lot of self-analysis, self-discovery and personal development that took place throughout the year.

I discovered that for everything in my life to grow and develop. I had to first grow and develop my knowledge and better understand my own self to get to know me on a more personal level and to better- understand my decision-making process.

I learned that everything in my life was a direct result and in direct proportion to my mindset and thinking. I learned that as humans, we are in a constant state of creation through thought and action. Our thoughts lead to our feelings and our feelings dictate our actions. By learning how to hack my thought process I was able to hack my feelings, actions, and especially results.

My biggest lesson was from my first ever attempt at planting a vegetable patch. It taught me about the remarkable similarities we share with plants. Everything the plant is yet to become is already contained in the seed. Provided the seed is planted in the right environment and at the right time, cared for, nurtured and protected, it will grow and blossom into its best existence.

Equipped with this knowledge and understanding, I am now excited more than ever to enter the new year. I feel a sense of comfort and assurance knowing that whatever situation I find myself in is only a transitional moment from seed to sprout. If I stay consistent, disciplined and committed I know that eventually, the sprout will turn into a plant.

Next year will be our 7th year of operation. For the past six years, I have been experiencing with different programs and different ways to best deliver our products and services.

I’ve planted many seeds over the years. While most didn’t quite make it, some have diffidently taken hold and are now ready for us as to enjoy as a community.

FightCLUB, UrbanACADEMY and UrbanCAMBODIA are some of the programs I’m especially excited to be sharing with everyone in the first quarter of 2020.

It all just feels perfect and I can’t wait to share more with you all in only a matter weeks.

Peace, love and respect.

John Yousif
Founder and CEO

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