Our charity work is at the forefront of our brand and it forms one of our brand pillars

By helping others less fortunate we  are doing two things at once. The first thing is that we are making someone else’s life a little easier and bringing them hope while at the same time gaining perspective on our problems we may be facing in life. Often, we tend to get carried away focusing on what we want rather than being grateful for what we have. Practising gratitude opens us up to receiving more of what we are a happy to have. 

Our charity over the years has seen us help people on a local and international levels.


Since our first year in business, Urban gym and its community have been major supporters of the Vinnies soup van which operates in the city of Casey. The second Sunday of every month, our founder is accompanied by a different member of our gymmunity as a volunteers.

We drive around handing out hot meal and some much needed grocery items, sometimes donated by our members. Christmas time is made extra special to kids in families doing it tough thanks to our giving tree appeal.

Every year, with the help generosity of our clients and some surrounding business’s, toys for kids and toiletries for adults are donated, wrapped and handed out 3 days before Christmas.


With thanks to our fightCLUB challenge, year on year we have helped raise thousands of dollars that have found their way into poor rural villages in Cambodia. We have helped build houses, roads and dig water wells to draw fresh water. Lack of fresh drinking water is the main cause of ill health and spread of disease. Working closely with a charity operated by a member, we have been able to supply families with water filters that purify and clean the water they harvest from the wet seasons.

In September 2018, our founder John Yousif along with his family made a special trip into the rural villages in mainland Cambodia where He met with local chiefs and allocated special charity funding to fund projects that would benefit many locals for years to come. Also on that trip, 1000kg’s of rice was purchased and distributed among the locals.

Our charity work will continue to grow and evolve. It is through giving that we receive.